25 Reasons The Miami Hurricanes Routing No. 1 Ranked Duke Was Epically Awesome

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What a surreal but awesome day to be a Miami Hurricane fan. Just hours after the NCAA made the bizarre admission it had epically bungled its own investigation into the school, the Miami Hurricanes men's basketball team reminded the world that this is the campus that invented swagger by delivering a historic beat down of No. 1 ranked Duke. It was the biggest win in 'Canes basketball history by far, and there are millions of reasons why it was awesome, but here are 25 of them.

1. The Canes' 27 point win was the third biggest margin of victory over an AP poll No. 1 rated college basketball team ever, and the largest since all the way back to 1968.

2. The Hurricanes are now 5-0 in ACC play, and two games ahead of everyone else in what may be the best basketball conference in all of college sports.

3. Reggie Johnson returned weeks earlier from an injury than expected, and it was kept a secret right up until game time.

4. Because look how excited Johnson's big ol' baby face was after the game:


5. Both Durand Scott and Kenny Kadji scored season highs.

6. This was the third time the Hurricanes have upset Duke when they're ranked in the top five (and in fact, three of the Hurricanes five wins over top five teams have come against Duke), and we've now evolved to the point where we've become the thorn in the Blue Devil's side. Yes, long the black sheep of Miami athletics, the basketball team has evolved to the point where they have a legitimate rivalry with the biggest brand in college basketball.

7. This Rion Brown dunk:

8. This Shane Larkin dunk:

9. This Kenny Kadji dunk:

10. It was the Miami Hurricanes first win over a No. 1 ranked basketball team in their history.

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You forgot the best one. With 6:45 to play, up 28, all five players on the court slapped the floor which is a HUGE slap in the face to Duke basketballs entire history.


Bonus Awesome:  That's Jack McClinton (Ex-UM GREAT) behind Vitale in the G-Star T-Shirt celebrating with the Vitale doppleganger.


#4. his name is reggie johnson**

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