25 Reasons The Miami Hurricanes Routing No. 1 Ranked Duke Was Epically Awesome

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11. It was coach Jim Larranaga's first win over a No. 1 ranked basketball team in his career.

12. Yes, Dick Vitale is easily excited, but, come on, not usually this excited.

13. Because apparently someone wore a Dick Vitale mask?

14. Oh Jeez, sorry, apparently that's not a mask ...ok then, well then lets just say that Miami fans were so excited their expressions literally looked crazy-Dick-Vitale-mask-like.

15. Because of that epic, stunning, beautiful, unbelievable, adjective, adjective, there aren't enough adjectives 21-1 run in the first half that basically sealed the game.

16. The 'Canes are now off to their best start in conference play since they joined the ACC.

17. This sweet, sweet expression on the Duke coaches' faces.

18. Also, is this girl a meme yet?

19. Because the score looked like if the Miami Heat played Duke in a charity game or something.

20. Because the halftime score looked like if the Hurricanes played the Blue Devils in football (and the Hurricanes had a down year, and the Duke was having a "good" year -- good by their football standards at least).

21. It was Duke's worst regular season loss since 1984.

22. It was only the 10th sellout in the 'Canes 10 year history at the Bank United Center, but hopefully ensures a few more. Edit: Turns out it already did. The FSU game is a sellout as well.

23. The students rushing the court afterward:

via WhaTheHec
24. Even people at the Miami Heat game were excited (and were maybe a little sad they were at the wrong Miami basketball arena that night).

via Ro_Ja15
25. Because, really, what better way to let the NCAA know they can fuck themselves? Oh, whoops, they already did that.

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You forgot the best one. With 6:45 to play, up 28, all five players on the court slapped the floor which is a HUGE slap in the face to Duke basketballs entire history.


Bonus Awesome:  That's Jack McClinton (Ex-UM GREAT) behind Vitale in the G-Star T-Shirt celebrating with the Vitale doppleganger.


#4. his name is reggie johnson**

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