30 Rock's 24 Best Florida Jokes

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Tonight 30 Rock ends its seven-season run as one of America's most acclaimed, and least watched sitcoms.

Anyone who did watch though probably picked up on the show's numerous references to Florida through out the years. There are some shows set in Florida that didn't even mention our complicated penis of a state as much. With regular character Jenna Maroney being conceived in a Tampa bathroom stall and growing up here, and Jack Donaghy's mother Colleen being one of Florida's numerous ornery retirees, the show never missed a chance to poke fun at our state. Here are our 24 favorite Sunshine State references.

1. Jack explaining why he's going on a trip to Miami

2. Jenna demonstrating how to react to insults about ones Florida heritage with grace and dignity.

3. Jack on the entire population of Florida.

4. Coleen, Jack's mother, on dating a married man.

guy like paul-2.jpg
5. Jack explaining how women in Miami are so hot they have their own standards.

exluding miami.jpg
6. Pete trying to persuade Liz to take the show to Miami for a week.

thinkabout it liz florida.jpg
7. Pete, after learning the Miami plan is off, but he's already bought the official uniform of Northeastern white dads visiting Miami.

but I bought a parrot shirt .jpg
8. Jenna's mother, Verna, inviting Jack to a "fancy restaurant" for Jenna's birthday, and reminding him of the intricacies of Florida's black-tie dress code.

white jeans and a dan marino jersey.jpg

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Missed Jeanna saying:
"I was in an off-Broadway play.  ..   There's a Broadway in Tampa."


Sadly, these are all true.

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