Barack Obama Was Not Welcome at This Miami Gun Show

On Sunday, Banana Republican stopped by the Victor Bean's Southern Classic Gun & Knife Show at the Miami-Dade County youth fairgrounds to gauge the mood of Second Amendment acolytes in the wake of Barack Obama's announcement last week that he wants to clamp down on guns.

For all his blustering about stemming the flow of firearms in the land of the free and home of the brave, Obama has set off a nationwide gun buying frenzy. The gun show was packed with customers looking to arm themselves against the tyrannical Commander-In-Chief, who they claim is using the horrific tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre to further erode Americans' rights. And by God, they will not let anyone, especially Obummer, take away their freedom!

Near the exit, two volunteers for the Republican Party of Florida didn't have much trouble persuading show goers to sign a petition protesting the 23 gun control measures Obama proposed last week. By 4 p.m. Sunday, 671 people had signed the petition. One of the gatherers, Maria Peiro, is a Miami public school teacher who doesn't want the federal government to disarm the people.

Maria Peiro and Leandro Travieso gathered signatures for the Republican Party of Florida at the gun show this weekend.
"I feel your right to defend yourself is being taken away," Piero says. "I know people are feeling overwhelmed because of what happened in Newtown, Connecticut, but I feel the government is trying to scare people. They want us to believe that by banning a certain type of weapon we will stop these types of tragedies from occurring."

Obama wants to re-institute an assault rifle ban that was lifted under his predecessor, George W. Bush. Under Obama's measure, gun makers could no longer sell civilian semiautomatic AR-15 rifles and AK-47 rifles. But first, the president needs Congress to pass it.

Peiro believes Obama's proposals do nothing to stop criminals from getting guns. "There is nothing to address arms trafficking," she says. "What about criminals who are going to smuggle guns into the country? What is he doing about that?"

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What's up with your edit?

The article used to read:

"Near the exit, two volunteers for the National Rifle Association..."

"Maria Peiro and Leandro Travieso gathered signatures for the National Rifle Association..."

How'd you manage to fudge that up?


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TK Small
TK Small

There's a difference between responsible gun owners who want reasonable control and paranoid gun-hugging weenies.SHUT these guys down.!

Caryne Havican-Mender
Caryne Havican-Mender

I'm sure a lot of unwanted guests attended, wake up this is the problem, you know the unresponsible. We are for responsible gun owners as well as President Obama.

José Manuel
José Manuel

Assault rifles are a FDA approved treatment for micro penis syndrome.


Seems like you and Luke share the same misunderstanding of the '94 AWB.

"Obama wants to re-institute an assault rifle ban that was lifted under his predecessor, Geore W. Bush."

There's a difference between lifted and expired.  The ban EXPIRED in '04 like it was supposed to.  Bush stated he would renew it if the bill made it to his desk, but fortunately, it never did.  Besides, the whole "ban" was simply retarded.

"Under Obama's measure, gun makers could no longer sell civilian semiautomatic AR-15 rifles and AK-47 rifles."

 More details on this?  I have yet to see such a list.

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