Barack Obama Was Not Welcome at This Miami Gun Show

Leandro Travieso, a 20-year-old volunteer with Peiro, echoed her comments. "During the era of prohibition, the government's ban of alcohol gave rise to the mobs in Chicago and New York," says. "Today you have the cartels in Mexico controlling the drug trade into the U.S. because of the war on drugs. Now the cartels are going to be selling these guns Obama wants to ban in the black market."

Inside the show, exhibitors like George Corbato and Rafael Franco Sr. had sold out on virtually their entire inventory of AR-15s and magazine clips. Still, the two Miami-based gun sellers were not very enthusiastic about business being so good. They explained Obama has made it harder for them to find parts and ammunition for the firearms they manufacture.

Gun builders and sellers George Corbato and Rafael Franco Sr.
Corbato, owner of Nebulous Ordinance, says he sells everything that is on the list Obama wants to ban. "It has done a lot of harm to the industry," he says. "I want to be part of the solution, but don't push me or the industry. This is our livelihood. We cannot find components to build anything."

What is available sells for an exorbitant amount of money, Corbato continues. "Some of the large distributors in the country have shut down their websites and they don't want to take new orders because they are backed up. The uncertainty is causing an inflated speculative panic."

That's not the worse part of Obama's plans, adds Franco, who owns Sabal Arms in Miami. "I am concerned about the freedom," he says. 'They are going to take the freedom away once they have control of the people with no weapons. That is why you see people in other countries throwing rocks at tanks. They have no weapons."

Even a college age freelance gun brokers were hating on Obama and his liberal cohorts in Congress, like U.S. Rep. Dianne Feinstein, who is authoring an assault rifle ban bill. "Feinstein is a joke because she's admitted to having a concealed weapons license," says 20-year-old Miami Lakes resident Eric Faden.

"The United States government was caught selling firearms to criminals in Mexico in the Fast and Furious case. It's really hypocritical that they want to disarm the American people and not themselves."

Eric Faden
Sporting a Mod hairstyle and thin mustache, Faden looked like he should have been hanging out at Gramps in Wynwood. Instead, he was parading the halls of the Fuchs Pavillion, where the show was held, hawking an AK-47 strapped around his shoulder.

Asked if he was taking advantage of Obama's scare campaign against guns, Faden replied, "what's the old saying? Buy low, sell high?"

His asking price: $1,100 to $1,200. He declined to say how much he paid for the rifle.

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What's up with your edit?

The article used to read:

"Near the exit, two volunteers for the National Rifle Association..."

"Maria Peiro and Leandro Travieso gathered signatures for the National Rifle Association..."

How'd you manage to fudge that up?


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TK Small
TK Small

There's a difference between responsible gun owners who want reasonable control and paranoid gun-hugging weenies.SHUT these guys down.!

Caryne Havican-Mender
Caryne Havican-Mender

I'm sure a lot of unwanted guests attended, wake up this is the problem, you know the unresponsible. We are for responsible gun owners as well as President Obama.

José Manuel
José Manuel

Assault rifles are a FDA approved treatment for micro penis syndrome.


Seems like you and Luke share the same misunderstanding of the '94 AWB.

"Obama wants to re-institute an assault rifle ban that was lifted under his predecessor, Geore W. Bush."

There's a difference between lifted and expired.  The ban EXPIRED in '04 like it was supposed to.  Bush stated he would renew it if the bill made it to his desk, but fortunately, it never did.  Besides, the whole "ban" was simply retarded.

"Under Obama's measure, gun makers could no longer sell civilian semiautomatic AR-15 rifles and AK-47 rifles."

 More details on this?  I have yet to see such a list.

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