Bill Filed That Would Repeal "Stand Your Ground"

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While one Democrat in Tallahassee has already filed a bill that would significantly alter Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law, another one of his colleagues has now put forward a bill that would repeal the law completely.

Rep. Alan Williams, a Democrat representing Tallahassee, filed the measure (HB 4009) on Wednesday.<

"In several cases, it's given individuals the ability to hide behind this law, when going out and carrying out acts of violence, especially in several cases of deadly acts of violence," Williams told Sunshine State News.

Stand Your Ground allows Floridians to respond with deadly force when they feel their lives are at danger, even when they're not at home.

So far, the bill does not have a sponsor in the Senate.

It's unlikely that Florida's Republican-controlled legislature will make any changes to the law.

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith had previously introduced a bill that would stop short of repeal. That bill gives police officers more power to investigate cases in which "Stand Your Ground" is cited.

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Kzm Ufc
Kzm Ufc

Some guilty soul needs a free 'get outta jailtime' card.

Chandler Jackson
Chandler Jackson

White man sees black teen in hoodie, feels uneasy, shoots him....stand your ground. White man sees teen playing music from car, feels uneasy, shoots him....stand your ground.(Not really) I'd like to see what a judge would say if a young black male is out doing another everyday activity and sees a white man looking at them suspiciously, shoots him in fear of being shot himself and say it was standing their ground

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