Debbie Wasserman Schultz Sat Next to Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Inauguration (and You Are Now Insanely Jealous of Her)

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We're sure it's an honor just to sit on the steps of the Capitol at the inauguration, but let's be honest, the hottest seat was next to Beyonce. Which, well, obviously was taken by Jay-Z, but seated directly next to them was South Florida congresswoman and DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who the entire world is now jealous of.

The New York Times has an interactive photo of the capitol steps that illustrates who sat where. And there five rows back is DWS seated next to America's golden couple. Apparently being DNC chair has its perks. Oddly, Wasserman Schultz made no mention of her seat on Twitter, but Beyonce posted a better angle of the seating arrangement on her Tumblr:

via I Am Beyonce
Kelly Clarkson was also seated directly behind Beyonce, as is appropriate.

Meanwhile, Senator Bill Nelson snagged a seat on the opposite side of the steps. See if you can pick him out:

A Closer Look at the Inaugural Ceremony.jpg
Yes, that's Senator Spacesnakes in the orange hat, which earned him the Aretha Franklin award for craziest inaugural headgear. Frederica Wilson is surely jealous.

Nelson was caught off guard by the cold and bundled up with a hunting hat apparently. Leave it to Floridians to dress inappropriately during cold weather.

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio didn't even bother to show up. He was in Miami yesterday.

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Ru Ru H
Ru Ru H

This bitch isnt doing her JOB as state representative. How can we rid her from office?

Xaviant Haze
Xaviant Haze

Both are slaves to the illuminatti and the zionists

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