DecoBike is Coming to Miami (Pending Commission Approval)

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Is DecoBike finally going to cross the causeways from Miami Beach into the City of Miami? Possibly.

The City of Miami Commission is slated to vote on a proposal to bring the popular bike sharing program to Miami on January 24.

The company has already beat out any possible competitors to present their plan to the commission, and all that's needed is official approval.

According to The Miami Herald, the plan would call for 500 individual bikes and 50 rental station at the start. The stations would be placed in high density areas and range from as far south to Coconut Grove to the Design District. Wynwood, Downtown, Midtown and Brickell would also receive stations. Stations would also be placed along Metrorail and Metromover stations.

The program is expected to also be compatible with Miami Beach's existing network. Meaning you can pick up a bike in Miami and drop it off in Miami Beach.

If everything goes as planned, the program could be up and running in as little as eight months once the contract is approved.

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Christine Karaki
Christine Karaki

WHY??? Miami is NOT Portland. What is the point?? The mainland is a hazard for cyclists.

David Whalen
David Whalen

I ride a bike in Miami which is the worst city in USA to ride a bike. I wish this helps but doubt it. you will have to put bike lanes on streets that have no room for them, impossible

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