Did Rick Ross Just Crash His Rolls-Royce In Fort Lauderdale After Getting Shot At? UPDATED

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This much, at least, is clear: Around 5 a.m. this morning, someone opened fire on a Rolls -Royce on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. More than a dozen shots were fired, and the Rolls ended up careening into the front of a restaurant.

Now for the real question: Was Rick Ross in the car? Witnesses at the scene tell the Miami Herald that the Bawse was indeed inside.

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Update: Police have confirmed that Ross was the target of the shooting and that his girlfriend was in the car as well.

The gunfire and crash both happened outside the Floridian diner; police have found more than a dozen casings, and several bullets hit the car.

The Rolls ended up crashing into the front of the diner. Police say no one was injured in either the shooting or the crash.

But witnesses inside the Floridian say it was Ross who was the target; the manager tells WSVN that a "famous rapper" was seen getting inside the car. The Herald says that rapper is Ross.

Police aren't saying either way so far. Riptide left a message with Det. DeAnna Garcia, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department's spokeswoman, but we haven't heard back yet.

We'll update the post when we learn more.

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This is so STAGED-LOL! 12 dozen fired and not 1 hit the car? LOL In Liberty City you here 1 bang and it = 1 dead! Or you here an AK 47 and you someone get's killed and 2 dozen fired at his vehicle-BS Tupac and Biggie were fired with less and they got killed. Great PR move though

Luis A. Basora
Luis A. Basora

Miami had nothing to with this, it was the thugs of Ft. Lauderdale. Besides that he is a human life regardless of who he is.

Maciel Vargas
Maciel Vargas

HAHA! Fiddy was right! He IS Albert from CB4!

Daniel Lugo
Daniel Lugo

I gotta start hanging out in Delray, Ft lauderdale is dangerous,


gotta love those hip hoppers - what nice, caring people!!! 


@Phill Webster And Freeway Ricky got shafted by a Miami Judge on his real name! Dirty work from a Miami crooked judge

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