Heat Fall to Pacers 87-77 As Rebounding Woes Continue

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Before last night's game, LeBron James said the Heat would 'be ready' to face a Pacers team that had done a ton of trash talking against the Heat dating back to last year's Eastern Conference Semifinals when the Heat started that series down 2-1. Then the Pacers came out and dominated the boards en route to a 87-77 win over the Heat, who are now 3-4 in their last 7 games. FROZEN SHIT POPSICLES.

As always, Indiana played very physically in this match up of the No. 4-ranked NBA offense against the league's No. 2 defense in Indiana. The story -- as has been the case all too often this season with the Heat -- was the teams' inability to rebound (either on the offensive or defensive end) as Indiana out-rebounded the Heat 55 to 36. This was particularly frustrating on the offensive end as the Pacers gobbled up 22 offensive rebounds compared to the Heat's pathetic seven. This led to the Heat giving up 23 second chance points compared to Indiana only giving up 6.

Yes, the rebounding situation -- whether it's a legitimate issue or simply a lack of fucks to give (as has been the case often with this team during this championship defense) -- is a fuckin' problem out here! Here's to hoping Riley's workout of the Birdman yielded something positive because the Heat's inability to rebound is George Michael Bluth level right now.

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