Marco Rubio Is GOP's Top Choice for 2016, But He's Trailing Hilary Clinton by 14 Points

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It's not exactly news that Republicans have such a deep politi-crush on Marco Rubio that they'd like nothing more than to make him their 2016 nominee. Once again, Public Policy Polling has found that he's Republicans top choice.

However, PPP also ran a head-to-head poll matching up Rubio against Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton, and, well, it doesn't look good for Rubio.

Twenty-one percent of Republicans say they want Rubio in '16. Paul Ryan is second with 16 percent. Jeb Bush isn't that far behind with 14 percent.

Over on the Democratic side, it's a far clearer picture. Even in a nine-person field, Hillary Clinton is the clear favorite. Fifty-seven percent of Democrats would support her in 2016. It's an uncommon level of support this early in the game, especially when the potential candidate isn't the sitting VP.

But what would a Clinton vs. Rubio match up look like?

Clinton leads 51-37. Hillary also beats Jeb Bush 51-37.

Of all Republicans, only New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie comes close to touching Clinton, though she still leads 44-42.

Digging further down in the poll's stats unearths a few interesting tidbits. While Rubio tends to be more popular among white voters than Hispanics in Florida, the trend is reversed nationally. His favorable/unfavorable split nationally among Hispanics is 51-27. Among whites it's 32-27.

However, Clinton still has a 49-46 lead over Rubio among Hispanics.

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The GOP keep thinking if they just put different people there that we the ppl. will vote for them once again STUPIDS!!!!! IT"S THE POLICIES.


Gov. Chris Christie could not even win a Republican Primary! LOL!!

drakemallard topcommenter

“rivera has been accused of misusing campaign donations for personal use, and Rubio has largely admitted to having done the same thing.

Indeed, the far-right senator was about using a Republican Party credit card to purchase personal items. Rubio conceded it "looks bad," and acknowledged, "I shouldn't have done it that way."

It's worth noting that we're not talking about minor purchases -- Rubio billed the state GOP for more than $100,000 during his two-year tenure as Florida's House speaker, including repairs to his family minivan.

marco rubio and david rivera the two con men also co-owned a house together, a house that went into foreclosure

the gop think putting tokens=the white house

 Lied About His Cuban Exile Immigrant Background"=A Cuban on the ballot means nothing to the general population of the Hispanic community=Hispanic vote


@drakemallard Rubio, was given a Republican Cooperate Credit card from his own party in which he made charges on it. He reported all his charges and paid them on time. Charlie Crist tried to pin this on Rubio in the Republican Primary in 2010 and it did not stick! The Republican party investigated this matter and found no wrong doing by Rubio. But nice try though... You LIBERAL'S FEAR RUBIO!!!!  LOL!!!

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