Miami Beach Strikes Deal With Cops Over GPS Tracking In Bid to Revamp Bruised Reputation

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Police spokesman Bobby Hernandez said the GPS system is sophisticated enough to determine when a cop car is speeding.

"We don't even have to wait for a complaint," he says. "The system actually emails us when [an officer] is going X miles over the limit, wherever he is. Let's say you're doing 80 in a 55. We're going to find out about it and you're going to have to explain why you were going 80 miles per hour."

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"It's just another way to be able to verify... that they are doing the right thing, and if they're not, that allows us to be able to hold them to account," said Overton. "It's part of the bigger picture."

And after incidents like Kuilan's drunken ATV escapade, that big picture is in need of some retouching, admitted Martinez.

"Going back to July 3rd, as tragic as that incident was, it really presented an opportunity for us to change as an organization," he said. "Because it was such a big incident, we have since been able to come in and do a lot of these changes in policy and technology -- things that in the past would have been very difficult to implement (otherwise)."

"We can't change July 3rd," he said. "I wish I could erase it from the history books. But we can't. But we have to be in a position to seize the opportunities that it presented us."

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People are considering the both positive and negative effects of GPS tracking so they are not turning it on. They have fear that their enemy can easily track them with the system and can harm them easily.  There should be some feature added to this system so that only limited people can access them, but this will lead to an effect that criminals can take advantage of this. A deep research is required on this and it should be used to get positive benefits. Learn more GPS benefits here



"In other words, criminals would have to scour -- if our high school math serves us right -- more than 28 square miles to enact cold-blooded revenge upon the officer who put them away." 

Why do you have to be so sarcastic? Would you like criminals knowing where you lived? Would you like the horrible corrupt cops that you write about knowing were you lived? Have you ever been face to face with a criminal in a heated/tense/deadly situation?

Just report the story and stop being a COP hater! Next time you need a cop call a crack head or a Zombie how bout' that?



Miami-Dade and Miami need to do the same in a move towards better accountability. 

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