Mugshots Friday: A Sunny Place for Shady People

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Arrested: 1/19
Charges: Reckless Driving
The only reason we're including this one is to rub it in the fact of any Northerners who may be reading that its still warm enough in Miami in January to wear mesh tank tops.

Arrested: All 1/21

Charges: Right - Petit Theft; Center - Petit Theft; Left - Leaving the Scene of an Accident
It's so warm here you can even commit crimes shirtless year round! So, I guess what we're saying is "Petty criminals of the North, come down here to commit your crimes!" Wait, that's a horrible tourism campaign. Still though, you ain't seeing many shirtless mugs in New York right now. Haha, suck on that snow New York!


Arrested: 1/23
Charges: Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling
"Oh my goodness, its nice to see a young fellow dressed up all nice in a suit and tie," said the old fashioned robber grandpa. "Back in my day we always used to make sure we looked our sharpest before heading out and stealing people's things. I never left the house without a shave and a tie bar. That was back in the days when criminals actually took pride in what they did. Now, today's kids will get dressed up in anything to steal. Flip flops. Hoodies. Mesh tank tops. All just terrible. But, you, you're one of the good ones, aren't you?"

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Sergio Andres Pineda
Sergio Andres Pineda

its a joke people still get in trouble for less then 20 grams of weed...

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