Mugshots Friday: The Pineapple Shirt Code and Work-Appropriate Face Tattoos

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Arrested: 1/8
Charges: Battery
"Wait, Lindsay Lohan did what now?"

Arrested: 1/9
Charges: Drug Possession and Paraphernalia
A crying mugshot might score you some sympathy with the right judge, but be careful. There are plenty of women in Miami-Dade jail who feed off the mythical healing power of white girl tears.

Arrested: 1/4
Charges: Assault and Resisting Arrest
Lots of wannabe bad asses try to scare us in their mugshots with their crazy face tattoos, wacky hair and bloody bruises. They all ain't got shit on this guy. He doesn't even need wardrobe. A true bad ass can scare the shit out of you with nothing more than disheveled hair and one stern "I may not have human emotions" look.

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the douche at the top might as well get a tattoo that says "Life in Prison" 


I agree with the hillbilly.  I look forward to this all week.

Nick Mencia
Nick Mencia

i love laughing at these poor wretched souls and then its the weekend! Yes! Thank you New Times for helping to estrange myself from humanity in order to more fully enjoy the vapid bounties of our fair city.

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