Mugshots Friday: A Discourse On "Bro" and Eyeball Bandages

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Arrested: 1/15
Charges: Grand Theft Auto and Cannabis Possession
Have you ever tried to explain the importance of the word "bro" in the Miami vernacular to outsiders? You're trying to explain that people scatter it as a staccato-like interjection between every Spanglish sentence, and they're just sitting there thinking everyone in Miami talks like this kind of faded surfer guy who probably should have gotten rid of his man bangs around his 30th birthday and says thing like "Brooooooooooo, I heard the surf is gonna be really gnarly tomorrow."

Arrested: 1/10
Charges: Cannabis Possession Less Than 20 Grams
Where as it's more like "Bro, you're seriously gonna arrest for a little bit of weed? Are you fucking kidding me, bro? Like, bro, that's messed up."

Arrested: 1/2
Chargesy: Battery
Somewhere the casting director for Sons of Anarchy is trying to get a hold of this dude's agent and book him for a six episode arch for next season.

Arrested: 1/10
Charges: Battery
As part of her requisite midlife crises my mother got a tattoo. Inspired by a tattoo she noticed on Kate Husdon's foot on the cover of InStyle, she too decided to have a star placed just above her toes. Of course, once in the tattoo parlor she got nervous and had the artist ink the smallest, sorriest, barely noticeable excuse for a star. It looks like a wart to most people at first glance. Well, if you notice under neath this man's right eye he too has the same exact star tattoo (it too is easily mistakable for a wart at first glance). That's a spot traditionally reserved for tear tattoos meaning you either killed someone or spent a lot of time in jail. Instead this tough guy has my mom's tattoo on his face.

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... "Well, at least they went ahead and arrested someone with who looks like he's staring as Travis Bickle in a remake of Taxi Driver so low budget they couldn't even afford to pay a hairdresser to get the mohawk straight." ... 

*Um - staring, or 
starring? Almost clever, d*rn.

Ked Killjoy
Ked Killjoy

lol i like the surf guys story and the last guys story about the writers mom tattoo being on this guy face. Great stuff.

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