Here Are Renderings of a Renovated Sun Life Stadium; Team Clarifies They Aren't Threatening to Move

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This morning came news that the Miami Dolphins were ready to finally officially ask for cool $400 million to renovate the aging Sun Life Stadium. During the official press conference the team unveiled photos of what the face lift would actually look like.

Team owner Stephen Ross also made what some thought was a veiled threat to move the team if the financing didn't come through, but Mike Dee has since clarified that the team would stay put regardless.

Here's the two photos the team unleashed on their Twitter feed.

You'll notice that the plans don't look all that significantly different than renderings the team was floating about all the way back in 2010:

The biggest difference between all three photos appears to be seat color.

The other big news that came out of the press conference was Stephen Ross's "promise" to keep the team in Miami Gardens for 25 more years if the financing went through.

>Some viewed that as a threat to relocate if taxpayers didn't pay up, but according to Ben Volin's Twitter, CEO Mike Dee has since clarified that the team would stay in South Florida regardless of whether they get their desired upgrades or not.

The team also said that while renovations would take more than a year, the team (as well, as we suppose, the Hurricanes) would plan to play at the stadium through construction during the football season.

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Albuquerque Dolphins has an interesting ring to it!

TK Small
TK Small

Stadium doesnt need a roof if they want one they should buy it themselves ,wish the u would build a stadium so the hurricanes could move out of that boring atmosphere.

Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

Unlike baseball, football is an all-weather sport. I'm sure a roof was contemplated when JRS was built in the mid 80's. Has football gotten so sissified that they need a roof now?

Danny Arango
Danny Arango

Looks nice, hope Stephen Ross can afford it.Funny he wants tax money considering he supported Romney, I thought republicans didn't like taxes.

Tatiana Amaro
Tatiana Amaro

Listen how about the dolphins start actually winning!!! Then we can start talking about a new anything for those fools...

Gabriel Geronimo Pedraza
Gabriel Geronimo Pedraza

$400 million? How much is it for a new stadium? Cowboys Stadium was a Billion. WHat will $600-$700 million get us?

Christopher Keem
Christopher Keem

I guess those renderings dont include their ugly new logo. Lol


@Juan R. Pollo : um, the roof is for the fans, the field is uncovered

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