Rick Scott Rescued a Labrador During His Campaign, Dumped the Dog After Winning

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Reagan the labrador, dumped by Scott after winning office
Among all the third rails in American politics -- abortion, gun control, Jodie Foster's Golden Globes speech -- there is one truly untouchable area: Messing with cute dogs. Just ask Mitt Romney how the tale of strapping the family pooch to the roof of his car for a cross-country trip worked out.

Well, Rick Scott is about to feel the blowback of a dog-loving nation. Some truly intrepid reporting by the Tampa Bay Times solved a long simmering mystery over what happened to an adorable lab named Reagan that Scott very publicly adopted during the 2010 campaign. Turns out the governor dumped the dog as soon as he won office.

Pulitzers, listen up: The Times deserves an investigative prize for getting to the bottom of this. It took two reporters, multiple spokespeople, a cigarette smoking man in a trench coat who would only meet in parking garages after 3 a.m, and finally a direct appeal to the governor himself to find out what the hell happened to poor Reagan the dog.

The canine's sad tale started with Scott's announcement during the campaign that his family had rescued a lab, and an appeal on Facebook for help picking a name. After sorting the results, he posted this, the Times reports:

"The Scott family is proud to announce that the name (chosen by you) for their newly adopted pup is Reagan! Thanks to everyone who participated in the fun contest."
And then ... Reagan disappeared from public light.

Scott's spokespeople reacted to questions about the dog as if they were being quizzed about Jim Greer's hookers-in-the-Bahamas allegations.

The reporters got so "exasperated" one even asked Brian Burgess, Scott's campaign spokesman, if he'd personally killed the dog. (He was willing to say on the record he hadn't, but that was it.)

Finally, on Monday, a Times reporter directly asked the governor about Reagan. Scott admitted the truth:
"He was a rescue dog,'' Scott said, "and he couldn't be around anybody that was carrying anything, and so he wouldn't get better."
Staff members were scared of Reagan, Scott said, so after a month, the governor sent the dog back to its previous owner.

So there you have it: Rick Scott rescued a dog in the heat of the campaign, got elected -- mostly thanks to Reagan, we're just going to assume -- and then fired the pup like a downsized health care worker after taking the governor's mansion.

Florida's governor, folks!

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If the dog can't handle people carrying things, he was probably abused.  Is a "Dog Whisperer" in the budget?  Maybe the dog is better off elsewhere?  I doubt he is held apart from a globe-trotting 'family' - to the point of having to travel on a seperate plane - at taxpayer expense.  Bet that dog isn't allowed on the furniture, if  allowed in family quarters aside from photo ops - not around  dark suit.    


 I don't know what his boyfriend sees in him....

Todd Jenkins
Todd Jenkins

How low can Prick Scott go??? Even Rush Limbaugh is nice to his dog.


Staff Afraid of the Lab? Please Labs are gentle creatures. they are just to hyper for the energy they have. Rick  your a scum of the earth. Better for the dog, find somebody who will love him better.

drakemallard topcommenter

I never noticed  that before:  Lex  luthor  had a puppy too

I believe the term is "Cry havoc and let's slip the dogs of war!" 


confused… you said he rescued a dog, but then gave it back to it's original owner?  On another point, alot of people rescue a dog but then find the match was not quite made in heaven and sadly they are returned.  I advocate that you go to a rescue group and spend time with the foster family as well as with the dog before you 'rescue' a dog by simply adopting it.    

Elsa Jimenez
Elsa Jimenez

what a fucking asshole. he creeps me out

Felix Cheshire Thompson
Felix Cheshire Thompson

Fluff piece, we have countless reasons why Rick Scott is a pile of crap. At this point adding anything else to that garbage heap is moot. The real question is why the fuck did anyone vote for him. Half of the really terrible stuff he did, well before he even ran for office.


Yep, he rescued a dog just so he would look like the better candidate during the elections.  What?  Rescue dogs are known to have behavioral problems?  That's nonsense.

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