The Gio Gonzalez Files: Every Mention of The Nationals Pitcher in Tony Bosch's Notebooks

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Hialeah native (and Washington Nationals Pitcher) Gio Gonzalez has issued a denial via Twitter that he has ever been associated with Tony Bosch's shuttered Coral Gables clinic, Biogenesis. Here's what Gio Gonzalez had to say: "I've never used performance enhancing drugs of any kind and I never will, I've never met or spoken with Tony Bosch or used any substance provided by him. Anything said to the contrary is a lie."

Yet in the records reviewed by New Times, Gonzalez is mentioned five times in Bosch's personal notes; what's more, his dad, Max, confirmed to New Times that records showing him as a current client of the clinic are accurate. Click through for all the records.

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Gonzalez's dad, Max, appears on Biogenesis' most recent list of clients, dated last June:

Reached via the phone number listed on the records (which New Times has redacted, along with the names of other clients not deemed to be newsworthy), Gonzalez confirmed he was a client of Bosch.

He said he was referred to Bosch by a friend, and went to Biogenesis to seek help losing weight.

"I had high cholesterol and high blood sugar," Max Gonzalez said. "He was giving me medication to help me lose weight."

Max Gonzalez said his son never met Bosch and had no contact with him.

"My son is clean as a whistle," Gonzalez said. "My kid doesn't even fucking rest ... he doesn't cheat, he doesn't agree with any of that stuff."

Pressed on why Gio Gonzalez's name appears repeatedly in Bosch's personal records, Max Gonzalez said he didn't have any explanation.

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Abraham Ruiz
Abraham Ruiz

@donnie leandro the only idiot here is u! Ur a nobody a hater, save the derrogatory comments! U kno nothing about the matter! And as for the @miami new times they have no idea how bad they can get sued for all these false allegations and for publicly displaying peoples medical records! U'll see the truth come out very soon!

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

good thing ra dickey got the cy young award instead of this idiot...go mets !!!


" stop this witch hunt now. arod is obviously guilty and probably cruz but gio is innocent. stop this now and remove this unreliable evidence"

That comment just shredded your entire point. Gio's denials are no different than any of the others. Arod did an interview with Katie Couric and swore up and down he never took PEDs. Lance Armstrong took people to court and told everyone within earshot that he was clean.  ALL of these guys initially deny it.

 Right now a denial means nothing.  If you're willing to believe the credibility of the report when it comes to two other athletes, then you've got to apply it to the third as well.


this is sickening. that isnt legible at all. it could be a greg gonzalez and there are at least 5000 hispanics with a name like that. i can write that joe mauer does roids on a napkin and leak it to the media and it means nothing. stop this witch hunt now. arod is obviously guilty and probably cruz but gio is innocent. stop this now and remove this unreliable evidence

Zachary Marselle
Zachary Marselle

A bunch of chicken scratch is not evidence! Hope the "journalists" loose jobs over this witch hunt and slander!

Cathy Scarbrough
Cathy Scarbrough

What kind of journalism is this? Why should Gio or his father have to explain anything to you? You're using Gio to increase sales and hits for your newspaper. Obviously you care little about the truth or ruining someone's reputation based on no evidence.


god this guy has awful handwriting

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