While Checking For Terrorists on Disney Cruise, Police Arrest Woman For Stealing Pack of Cigarettes in 1991

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While checking the passenger list of a Disney Cruise for terrorists, authorities at Port Canaveral found someone who was apparently almost as dangerous: a woman who stole a pack of cigarettes in 1991 and never got around to paying the measly $85 in court fees.

Robin Hall had been on the Disney Dream cruise ship with her husband and two children, but when the ship returned to Port Canaveral, Florida, police were waiting for her. The family's dream vacation ended up with mom behind bars.

Authorities had checked the ship's manifest for terrorists, but after running Hall's name found out that she had an outstanding warrant.

Hall now lives in Connecticut, has a degree in architecture, and works for a jet design firm where she helps design jet engines. But back in 1991 she was nothing but a common Florida cigarette thief. As an 18-year-old, she shoplifted a pack of smokes from a Walmart in Orange County.

She had failed to pay $85 in court costs at the time.

Hall was arrested on Thursday and has still not been able to post bail. Brevard County officials must first transfer her back to Orange County, and her arrest just before a three-day weekend has complicated the matter. In fact, Hall may end up spending a whole week in jail before she can put the matter behind her and return home.

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What are the names of the officers who did this?

Maybe they want people protesting at their houses? People looking into THEIR past to see what they did?


How are you on a cruise, have a job that involves helping to design jet engines, but not be able to afford bail?


I have a 20 year old warrant from Las Vegas when I lived in that sh*thole, for not paying a fine for reckless driving. I would like to pay the fine (around $325 bucks), but I know the a**hole system would also put me in jail.

I would rather be sodomized by Mike Tyson with no grease than to ever set foot in Las Vegas, so I dont know what to do.


lol... The past will rear its ugly head and the worst possible time.

This reminds me, I better pay that past due parking ticket.

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