A Map of Miami-Dade According to Google Autocomplete

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So, the Flip Collective folks decided to combine cartography with Google's autocomplete search function to have some fun. Florida is labeled "Crazy," obviously. Because it's a Friday and we had an extra ten minutes, we decided to apply this to Miami-Dade County and see what happened.

We basically followed the same rules. We typed "*Place* is" into Google and saw what the best and most appropriate autocomplete searches were. However, to get a few more places on the map, we also tried "Why is *place*" searches for all the cities and locations that didn't yield results the first time around.

Quite a few have nothing to do with the actual Miami-Dade location. For example, we're pretty sure the Kendall result has more to do with the Jenner than the suburb.

Some of these are kind of brutal, but look what happens when you try it with Fort Lauderdale.

Ah, poor Fort Lauderdale. The only thing people on Google want to know about it is how to get out of there and get to Miami.

[h/t: Buzzfeed]

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Lynne Dear
Lynne Dear

If Marco Rubio continues to be a spokesperson for South Florida.. you have no hope of being taken seriously........

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

this map is so stupid, once again new times runs out of articles to report...hialeah is not ghetto

Rainy Kinchen
Rainy Kinchen

Miami Gardens is NOT dangerous and neither is Opa-Locka. But clearly this map is a joke anyways.

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