Alonzo Mourning's Wife Tracy Arrested on DUI Charges

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via CBSMiami
Tracy Mourning, the wife of former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning and namesake of Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High, was arrested early this morning on DUI charges. Mourning was pulled over near Old Cutler Road and San Servano Avenue after police observed her speeding and blowing past a red light.

According to CBSMiami, Mourning asked  "What did I do sir?" when she was pulled over. She then "winked and said 'I was going fast, wasn't I?"

"Didn't stop, did I?" she asked when told she also ran a red light. 

Mourning then failed a road side sobriety test, but refused to take a BAC sample test. 

It's not the first time the Mourning have had driving drama. Back in 2011, while leaving Chris Bosh's wedding Alonzo hit a car that had already been in an accident. He sped off instead of stopping. Mourning then returned to the scene in another car driving by Tracy. 

Coincidentally, today is Alonzo's 42nd birthday. 

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She's a drunk that s in denial. Lock her fucking black ass up until she get's help or before she kills innocent people. She wants to die but hasn't got the guts to pull a trigger so she is drinking herself to death while dreaming of the love she had in high school & living with that freak Zo.


just an accident waiting to happen where someone, a poor innocent person is seriously injured. The Mournings are not role models and shouldn't have a high school named after them.

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