Coast Guard Offloads 1,400 Pounds of Seized Cocaine in Miami

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The U.S. Coast Guard seized $17 million worth of cocaine in the southwest Caribbean on January 24. Today, that 1,400 pounds of cocaine was offloaded at the Coast Guard station in Miami Beach.

Late last month, the Coast Guard cutter Mohawk, with help from a helicopter unit, located a go-fast boat in the southwest Caribbean. The Mohawk was able to intercept the boat, which was loaded with yeyo.

via USCG
The smugglers were caught trying to throw the coke trove into the sea during the boat chase, but Coast Guard officers later recovered 18 bales of cocaine.

The coke and the four smugglers were then transferred to another Coast Guard cutter, the Valiant, and today that ship offloaded the loot in Miami Beach.

via USCG
"Seizures at sea are the most efficient and cost-effective way to keep contraband off the streets of America," Coast Guard Cmdr. Timothy Cronin said in a statement.

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Wayne Carroll
Wayne Carroll

Well coulda been da grim reaper -Ice or Brain Dead - Crack - Killing our Kids.

Andres M
Andres M

Mike and Orlando water mouth

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