Florida Is the Second Biggest Supplier of Domestic Porn Stars

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Florida may only be the fourth most populous state, but aside from California we've supplied the pornography industry with their second-biggest supply of hardcore video vixens. Yes, more porn stars were born in Florida than any other state but California. And, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the vast, vast majority of those Sunshine State mattress actresses come from right here in South Florida.

Writer Jon Millword analyzed over 10,000 profiles on Internet Adult Film Database, the IMDB of porn, to paint a picture of exactly who it is that is offering themselves up for our wanking pleasure. He analyzed things like measurement, hair color, age, names, and, of course birth place.

A total of 939 female porn stars claim California as their birthplace. While it's not very close, Florida came in second with 216.

via John Millword
As you can see, South Florida has the highest concentration of native porn stars of anywhere outside of California.

Of course, it's impossible to verify whether the hometowns those girls are repping are accurate.

"I can imagine a lot of women, even when specifically asked where they grew up, would prefer to declare that they are from California because that's where they're now based, than hint at where their family and friends probably still live," he writes. "Or maybe the convenience of being on Porn Valley's doorstep is enough of an incentive to explain why the vast majority of performers are true Cali girls."

So the rankings do make sense. While the vast majority of American porn is filmed in Cali, South Florida has its own amateur production scene. We mean, a girl can just be minding her own business, walking down the streets, when she gets picked up and agree to have sex with a stranger in the back of the Bang Bus and what not. Sometimes they end up getting stuffed in the back of a Fort Lauderdale pizza parlor.

In other findings, Nikki is the most popular first name for a porn actress. Only just under a third are blonde, and 70.5 percent are Caucasian. The average weight is 117 pounds, 48 pounds less than the national average. And, despite stereotypes, the average porn star is packing a relatively modest 34-B bra size.

[h/t: Gawker]

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