43 Reasons Why Growing Up in Florida Was Hell on Earth (But We Loved It Anyway)

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Yesterday, Buzzfeed laid out 43 reasons why "growing up in Florida was heaven on Earth." We can't necessarily disagree. Pool noodles, manatees, and free Publix sugar cookies were great and all, but we feel like it's not so much the joys but rather the shared pains that truly unite a people.

So we've taken it upon ourselves to list 43 reasons why growing up in Florida could also be hell on Earth. We do this not to disparage our great state, but because we feel the need to commemorate and recognize the great quasi-First-World struggles of our childhood.

1. You were repeatedly subjected to one of the most horrific interrogations ever devised by man.

fcat1.jpg 300×225 pixels.jpg
via Pasco Schools
2. You can't climb or build tree houses in a palm tree.

Palm Treeeee.jpg
via Herbzilla's Flickr
3. Your young eyes were regularly exposed to sights likes the one below.

via Ybor City Stogie
4. Leaving perfectly good candy in places where it could melt was a reoccurring tragedy.

Fondue de bonbons.jpg
via Sunfox's Flickr
5. Learning how to spell the state's capital was a Herculean task.

6. The state is full of weird place names no third-grader should ever be asked to spell.

7. In the summer, your skin was covered either in nasty mosquito bites you weren't supposed to scratch...

via Prime Health Channel
8. ...or nasty sunburns that were too painful to touch.

500full.jpg 477×579 pixels.jpg
9. And to avoid either you needed to hold still while your parents covered you in nasty-smelling chemicals.

10. Because even if it was 90 degrees outside, your classroom was kept so chilly you'd freeze to death if you didn't bring one of these to school:

gap hoodies - Google Search.jpg

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I moved from Miami to Maryland three years ago and have only seen it snow here a couple of times. I've come to realize that peoplen who think it's always cold and snowy "Up North" are just as clueless as those who think hurricanes are constantly bearing down on South Florida. It just isn't like that at all.


Thanks for making me laugh right out loud. Each reason is so true!! Love Florida - no place else to be!


Chilly classrooms? Elementary and middle schools (junior high at the time) didn't get A/C til the late 70s/early 80s.

demoroman88 topcommenter

It's 34 degrees in Maryland right now... It's 75 in Miami.. 

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