43 Reasons Why Growing Up in Florida Was Hell on Earth (But We Loved It Anyway)

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11. When you were in high school, you realized the state's colleges are a lot harder to get into than most people gave them credit for, and you had the panicked thought of, Oh God, what if I don't get into UF? What if I don't even get into FSU?

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12. The state's high concentration of old people meant you had to endure more cheek-pinching than should be allowed under the Geneva Conventions.

THEARTISTANDHISMODEL » Findus Fraich'Frites_ Granny's fries without the Granny.jpg
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13. Flip-flop tan lines were a perennial scourge.

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14. Actually, odd tan lines of all types were unavoidable.

TanLines.jpg .jpg
15. Even if there was a perfectly good Publix ten minutes away (and there usually was), sometimes your mom would drag you into one of these godforsaken hellholes:

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16. You could not relate to this movie at all:

222662.1020.A.jpg 580×853 pixels.jpg
17. Once you did actually see snow, the novelty wore off after five minutes and you thought, What the hell is this horrible stuff? Get me back to safety where I can wear flip-flops in January. Why would people even live where this happened?

crying on the snow .jpg
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18. Visits to Disney water parks made you too much of a snob to appreciate that boring tube slide they had at your local public pool.

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19. Your school field trip to the art museum probably coincided with seeing something boring like a traveling Dale Chihuly exhibit and not, as you had hoped, a place with lots of paintings of topless chicks.

naples-museum-of-art-dale-chihulys-red-sculpture_28_550x370_20111026170051.jpg 550×370 pixels.jpg
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20. Sneaking off to your friend's party when her parents were out of town to play Edward 32hands was not as cool as playing Edward 40hands.

jan20_2.jpg 600×388 pixels.jpg
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I moved from Miami to Maryland three years ago and have only seen it snow here a couple of times. I've come to realize that peoplen who think it's always cold and snowy "Up North" are just as clueless as those who think hurricanes are constantly bearing down on South Florida. It just isn't like that at all.


Thanks for making me laugh right out loud. Each reason is so true!! Love Florida - no place else to be!


Chilly classrooms? Elementary and middle schools (junior high at the time) didn't get A/C til the late 70s/early 80s.

demoroman88 topcommenter

It's 34 degrees in Maryland right now... It's 75 in Miami.. 

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