43 Reasons Why Growing Up in Florida Was Hell on Earth (But We Loved It Anyway)

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21. You weren't cool unless you had ridden the latest roller coaster at either Busch Gardens or Islands of Adventure (even though half of your classmates were totally lying about it anyway. YOUR MOM TOTALLY TOLD ME YEARS LATER YOU CHICKENED OUT IN LINE FOR THE HULK, MICHAEL DEMITRY.)

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23. Because all of us, at one point or another, knew the deep embarrassment that comes with wearing a T-shirt in the pool sadly beats the deep embarrassment of not wearing a T-shirt in the pool.

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24. If your family pet got out, you were legitimately worried it might be eaten by a gator.

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25. Most of the cool bands you started to like in high school never toured in Florida (or they'd play only at weird clubs two hours away that your parents wouldn't let you go to anyway).

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26. Your beach days would occasionally be ruined by the gross-out of red tide.

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27. You're not quite as grossed out by this picture of a palmetto bug, and that concerns you slightly.

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28. Regular family boat trips were fun until you got old enough to hate being stuck in a confined space with your entire family for hours at a time.

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29. Whenever you traveled up North, you had to borrow someone else's ugly, ill-fitting winter jacket.

30. You were afraid to take your bike and sneak away to your friend's house because you might get caught by the gate guard.
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I moved from Miami to Maryland three years ago and have only seen it snow here a couple of times. I've come to realize that peoplen who think it's always cold and snowy "Up North" are just as clueless as those who think hurricanes are constantly bearing down on South Florida. It just isn't like that at all.


Thanks for making me laugh right out loud. Each reason is so true!! Love Florida - no place else to be!


Chilly classrooms? Elementary and middle schools (junior high at the time) didn't get A/C til the late 70s/early 80s.

demoroman88 topcommenter

It's 34 degrees in Maryland right now... It's 75 in Miami.. 

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