Heat Trade Dexter Pittman: His Greatest Heat Hits

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In a shocking move that should surely rile the Miami fanbase, Pat Riley has decided to trade certified superstar Dexter Pittman to the Memphis Grizzlies. The legendary center will be dealt away with a second round pick. The Heat will gain a trade exception the "draft rights of forward Ricky Sanchez" in return.

Let us now relive Pittman's greatest moments during his Heat career.


Yes, who can forget the time during last year's playoffs when he delivered a stiff elbow to the Pacer's Lance Stephenson's throat and got suspended three games because of it?

Who can remember anything else he did?

Pittman has played in four games this season and averaged three minutes on the floor in each. In those games he's averaged 1.5 points.

We will miss you, Dexter.

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Haha, great summary of his career. That play was hilarious. Happy trails Dexter.

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