Kita The Giraffe Nearly Broke Her Damn Leg Trying to Flee Some Horny Bro Giraffe at Zoo Miami

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It is hard enough out there for a single mother giraffe just trying to get by with out some boned up douche giraffe male trying to force himself upon her. 

Kita the Giraffe, a 29-year-old lady giraffe at Zoo Miami, took a tumble yesterday while running away from a male giraffe. Kita was in a public feeding area when the male giraffe decided he wanted to try and get fresh. 

Kita shut him down, and started running away. Unfortunately she took a stumble in view of several zoo-goers when she ran into a patch of rocks. The 15-foot-tall giraffe was unable to get up after the fall, and several witnesses worried she had broken a leg. 

"She got caught up in the rocks and went down in a bad position," said Ron Magill, Zoo Miami spokesman, told the Miami Herald.

About a dozen staff member had to use straps to help pull her up, but once she was back on her feet Kita was fine. Veterinarians are monitoring her, but she avoided any major injuries. 

Kita had just made news for giving birth to a calf, Titan, back in June. 

Can't a strong, independent lady giraffe just eat in peace with out some bro giraffe making passes? No word on whether or not Kita plans to file a sexual harassment suit against Zoo Miami for fostering a hostile workplace. 
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