Marco Rubio Poll: More View Him Unfavorably Than Favorably

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Sure, he might have raised a lot of money selling those water bottles, but it appears Marco Rubio's response to the State of the Union didn't do him any favors in the favorability department.

The GOP golden boy is accustomed to sterling poll results, but a new Pew poll shows that more Americans view him unfavorably than favorably.

In the first poll of Rubio's image taken since Water Bottle-gate, 29 percent of Americans view him unfavorably, 26 percent view him favorably, and 46 percent say they don't know enough about him to offer an opinion. That's just a three-point difference, and most Americans are reserving judgement. These aren't career-killing, Rick Scott-like numbers, but they're not the kind Rubio is used to.

Quinnipiac, a different polling firm, offered national numbers from before the SOTU on February 8. In it, 27 percent viewed Rubio favorably, and 19 percent viewed him unfavorably. The rest didn't have an opinion.

The Pew poll isn't all bad news for Rubio, though:
Among all Republicans (and Republican leaners) who agree with the Tea Party, fully 70% view Rubio favorably compared with just 7% who view him unfavorably. Among Republicans and leaners who do not agree with the Tea Party, 31% view Rubio favorably and 25% view him unfavorably.
At least he's popular among Tea Partiers! Of course, if Republican voters decide they want to go in a different direction than Tea Party ideology in 2016, Rubio could be in trouble if he ran for president.

We'll also be interested to see the first poll since the SOTU of Rubio's approval ratings in Florida.

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drakemallard please let us hold back on calling names like teabaggers have we no manners.

I would like to say in the history of the world I can not think of one country whose government did not become to large and powerful and eventually oppress a portion of its people.Violence then brakes out the government is either over thrown or the rebellion of the oppressed gets crushed. This is why limits on government power is important. A more powerful federal government increases the risk government will apply soft and hard forms of tyranny on its people. So why not have restraints on the size of our federal government ? This would help insure that our government dose not become its own interest group and trample on the rights of its people to secure its power over its people. No mater how well intentioned our government is it has no ability to restrain its self hence the 16 Trillion of debt . A simple balanced budget amendment would restrain our government from the eventual bankruptcy of the nation ensuring that the nation would last for hundreds of years and still allow democrats plenty of money to play around with there programs.They would just have simple restraints on there spending we all could learn a lesson from that.

drakemallard topcommenter

This guy is shrouded in hypocricy. He's only here legally because his parents were Cuban. What about all those Haitians who tried the same thing? They were just sent back. Then he gets his education with the help of student loans, but cries about the big government that allowed him to get educated. But wait, isn't he one of those 'career politicians' that the GOP loves to cry about? Remember them belittling Obabma because he was just a community organizer? Has Marco ever had a real job? Yet he's now the 'saviour' of the party? What hypocrites!

Republican party railing on big government while cashing their federal paychecks and enjoying their government funded healthcare and never having to worry about their later years because of their government funded pensions. 

 †eabaggers: We don't need no $tinkin' facts!


Rubio's right wing, hypocritical rant is the issue.  Forget the water, his ideas are pathetic.


Do any polls track how favorable your posts are?  If so, can you analyze them and regurgitate the results?  Thanks

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