Marco Rubio Says He Could Run for President, Discusses Tupac

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In further a effort to prove he's totally hip and with it, Sen. Marco Rubio sat down with Buzzfeed, a .GIF site with some political reporters, to discuss a wide ranging series of topics over beer with editor Ben Smith. 

Rubio discussed a number of issues, including his belief that gay right can be "distracting," why he voted against the Violence Against Women Act, and that he thinks climate change is still up for debate. Though most notably Rubio addressed his future presidential ambitions and his love of Tupac Shakur. 

"I really believe that if I do the best job I can in the Senate, then in a couple of years I'll be in a position to make a decision about whether I want to run for reelection, leave politics and give someone else a shot, or run for some other position," Rubio said, indicating for the first time that presidential run in the future is at least possible. 

Though, he seemed wary of the difficulties of campaigning. 

"The beginning of it, you're in a rent-a-car in Iowa, and New Hampshire, and South Carolina, you're meeting the same ten people over and over again and they're still undecided."

Of course, he can always discuss with those people his take on Tupac, Biggie and Pitbull. 

Rubio discussed his preference for Tupac over Biggie, and noted that rap music really hasn't affected his political outlook. 
"I don't listen to music for the politics of it," Rubio said.
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Marco Rubio you do not represent the latino population, you do not represent me NO SOMOS RUBIOS


Marco: talks like Ron Paul, but when it comes to voting, he's a party loyalists and neocon. As with Obama, watch what people do, not what they say. 

SethPlatt topcommenter

No one needs a President who does not defer to 99% of scientists on any issue. (CLIMATE) What does he base his decisions on if not scientifically quantifiable evidence? Rubio has now descended to the primordial ooze position of the GOP which is climate change may be happening and there is nothing left to do but try and profit as much as possible from the earth's destruction while we are still here.

Certainly NOT a sustainable, ethical, or acceptable answer for coastal cities in Florida or the rest of the World.

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