Miami Beach Police Video Shows Toronto Sisters Failing The Nasty Dance

via Toronto Star
Michele and Angelina Mastrangelo
Angelina and Michele Mastrangelo seemingly reveled in "popping it" for two Miami Beach police officers who arrested them a couple of days before Christmas. Police station video footage -- first published on local blog Random Pixels -- shows the hand-cuffed Toronto siblings voraciously showing off some comical booty-shaking for cops Eduard Alba and William Beeker, who arrested the Mastrangelos on Dec. 23. The department's release of the silent 55-second clip was perfectly timed.

The girls, both in their early 20s, were back in town this week for their arraignment hearing at the Miami-Dade County criminal courthouse. They each faced a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest without violence. Michele was also charged with disorderly intoxication and criminal mischief.

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New Times first broke the story of the Mastrangelos wild accusations about Alba and Beeker falsely arresting them, roughing them up and hurling insults at them about their weight, their appearance and their nationality.

The duo claimed they filed a complaint with internal affairs. However,police department spokesman Robert Fernandez told me that the Canucks wouldn't give a sworn statement. He also cast doubts on their allegations by pointing out the police station on 11th Street and Washington Avenue has video and audio surveillance.

Still, the department had the shift supervisor do an administrative review of the two officers for discourtesy. Since then, the sisters have become media darlings in their home city. The Toronto Star sent a reporter to Miami Beach, documenting the girls' return to the sunny, yet allegedly wretched, paradise they vowed never to visit again.

Apparently, they forgot or were unaware our criminal justice system required them to come back and face a judge. What's that all aboot?

(Angelina Mastrangelo did not return a voice message I left on her cellphone, the only contact number I had for the sisters, yesterday afternoon.)

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This is too funny. I love the person posting as italian-princess. You can't make this sort of stuff up 


you ignort retards are the reason these corrupt police get away with police brutality everyday. WHERE IS THE OTHER FOOTAGE OF THE VIDEO OF ME BEING THROWN AND STRAPPED INTO A CHAIR AFTER ASKING TO USE THE WASHROOM 3 FUCKING TIMES? WHERE IS THE FOOTAGE OF ME ASKING TO USE THE WASHROOM AND THE WOMAN SAYING " ILL HAVE TO HELP YOU WITH THAT," MEANWHILE I HAD A FUCKING TAMPON IN ME? if this was any of your wives, daughters or mothers im pretty sure you'd have the same reaction we did. idiots


Only an idiot would believe anything that Miami Beach Police says.  Lying, committing crimes, and settling lawsuits using taxpayers money is what MBPD does best.

Palangana topcommenter

Close the border.


@chia Only a bigger idiot would believe two drunk losers like you and the new times does on a constant basis. How about doing an investigation before jumping the gun ?

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