Miami Beach Police Video Shows Toronto Sisters Failing The Nasty Dance

On Tuesday, the Toronto Star reported how the frightened Mastrangelos were all SKERRED of being sent back to county lock-up once they arrived back in Miami. Reporter Rachel Mendleson wrote on Feb. 5:
The saga's continuing for the pair of Toronto sisters, who now fear they'll be immediately nabbed at the border since a bench warrant has been issued for their arrest for missing their arraignment hearing.

ERMAHGERD! Yeah, didn't happen.

On Wednesday, they sailed through U.S. Customs & Border Protection at Miami International Airport because, ya know, the feds have more pressing matters to attend to such as intercepting cocaine shipments and smuggled human fetuses. In a video embedded in a Feb. 6 Toronto Star report, the sisters repeated their allegations against the Miami Beach Police.

"We are here in Miami because of a false accusation that the police reported and put us in jail for," Angelina says. "On the way here, I felt very scared, because I thought I was going to jail for no reason because the cops like to do that down here."

The Mastrangelos were so afraid that they did what any cowering defendant wrongfully accused by the Po-Po would do:

Michele and Angelina who own a day spa in Toronto's east end, said they plan to spend the next few days tanning, shopping and celebrating their mom's birthday, making this visit much different than their last.

By Thursday morning, the Miami-Dade County clerk's online database showed the Mastrangelos had their bench warrants set aside and a hearing scheduled for later in the day. Enter Random Pixels. The blog's author Bill Cooke let me know he was posting the soundless video embedded above and a second one showing Michele rubbing her pee-soiled bottom on several chairs and the floor in the booking area.

In my initial report, Michele admitted to urinating on two chairs, complaining that the cops refused to remove her handcuffs to use the bathroom. That's why she was charged with criminal mischief. According to her arrest report, Michele did not want assistance from a female officer.

Leaking the videos was a deft display of damage control by Miami Beach police officials to discredit their accusers hailing from a country that sends tens of thousands of its citizens to our shores every winter. There's a fine line between acting foolishly belligerent and fighting for your right to party.

Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez told the Toronto Star that the videos show the Mastrangelos were the aggressors. He added Alba and Beeker won't be disciplined. "I think it shows just really bizarre behavior by these girls," Martinez told Mendleson. The chief may be the first man in the 305 who has never witnessed the ass clap, but he makes a valid point. Bandz can make a woman dance at the club. But sitting handcuffed in a police station? Not so much, eh.

However, if audio tapes exist, the police department should also release it since the young women are now claiming viewers can't hear Alba and Beeker allegedly taunting them.

Rather than drag the ordeal out any further, the Mastrangelos accepted an assistant state attorney's offer to pay a $250 fine and enter a pre-trial diversion program without admitting guilt. They have to complete community services hours with any non-profit agency in Canada within 90 days.

Should the Mastrangelos end up in Miami Beach jail again before they return to the Great White North, they need to consult Disco Rick on how to really do the nasty dance:

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This is too funny. I love the person posting as italian-princess. You can't make this sort of stuff up 


you ignort retards are the reason these corrupt police get away with police brutality everyday. WHERE IS THE OTHER FOOTAGE OF THE VIDEO OF ME BEING THROWN AND STRAPPED INTO A CHAIR AFTER ASKING TO USE THE WASHROOM 3 FUCKING TIMES? WHERE IS THE FOOTAGE OF ME ASKING TO USE THE WASHROOM AND THE WOMAN SAYING " ILL HAVE TO HELP YOU WITH THAT," MEANWHILE I HAD A FUCKING TAMPON IN ME? if this was any of your wives, daughters or mothers im pretty sure you'd have the same reaction we did. idiots


Only an idiot would believe anything that Miami Beach Police says.  Lying, committing crimes, and settling lawsuits using taxpayers money is what MBPD does best.

Palangana topcommenter

Close the border.


@chia Only a bigger idiot would believe two drunk losers like you and the new times does on a constant basis. How about doing an investigation before jumping the gun ?

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