Miami Police Arrest Man For Spray-Painting Sidewalk In Graffiti-Covered Wynwood During Art Walk

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sidewalk graffiti RNC 2004.jpg
wikimedia commons
A protester tags the sidewalk during the Republican National Convention in 2004
Graffiti has made Wynwood famous, from its much-visited wall murals to its heavily tagged warehouses and the highly sought after spray paintings now ensconced in its art galleries. Hell, even the crosswalks here are drenched in color.

So what does it take to get busted for bombing Wynwood these days? The answer arrived during Saturday night's Art Walk when Miami police caught Andrew Beitler red-handed.

According to a police report, Beitler was clutching a can of red spray-paint when cops drove down Northwest Second Avenue on a routine patrol.

When officers spotted Beitler leaning down and tagging the sidewalk, they pulled over and cuffed him. The 26-year-old was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief but released after agreeing to appear in court.

Beitler, a Tampa native now living in Miami, could not be reached for comment. As soon as we do, we'll provide an update.

Here is a photo of what Beitler is believed to have been tagging at the time of his arrest:

Wynwood sidewalk graffiti.jpg
Sidewalk stencils like this one have sprouted all over Wynwood in the past year.

Wynwood taggers shouldn't get too bent out of shape over the arrest, though.

Miami Police spokesman William Moreno said the booking was not part of a crackdown on the ever-spreading graffiti in the neighborhood, although two officers were also seen tearing posters off of lampposts on Saturday night.

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cops need intelligence training and they need to stay the fuck out of Wynwood. We the artist made Wynwood and we can take it all away in one night. Dont fuck with us MIAMI, Wynwood is OURS.


Grassroots? I wonder if  has any connection to the Grassroots Festival next weekend. 


just because wynwood is filled with graffiti doesn't mean its still not illegal. 

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