Mugshot Fridays: P.I.N. Heads and Hair Don'ts

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Arrested: 2/04 
Charges: Cocaine Possession 
Why didn't you follow the rules of your own Shake Shack T-shirt? Burger + Fries + Shake = Thumbs Up Super Good Happy Time! You add drugs into the equation, you never know what you're going to get. It's like X in an algebra problem, and when "arrested" is on the other side of the equal sign, you know X was a negative number. 

Granted, Shake Shack is only slightly less addictive than crack. 

Arrested: 1/31
Charges: 3rd Degree Grand Theft
Mughshots Fridays maintains a shred of dignity by not naming names, but we can't help it if suspects get their own name tattooed on their chest. 

Arrested: 2/06
Charges: Disorderly Conduct, Trespassing and Battery on an Officer
You think he looks kinda sad because he just got arrested, but mostly he's just pissed his baby mohawk is gonna look so pathetic in his mugshot. 
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3rd buddy down...his neck tattoo says GD...with 7.4 aka gangster disciples

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