Mugshots Friday: The Great "F*** You" Neck Tattoo

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0030443183F.JPG 564×705 pixels.jpg
Arrested: 1/27
Charges: Sell, Consume or Possess Alcohol in Public
This is a real champ move. How is your mom even going to be mad at your for a silly lil' charge like drinking in public when your mugshot looks exactly like that picture she has framed on her desk of that time when you were four and discovered what happened when you put the hose in the garden and rolled around in mud? Kids... you can try your best, and they're still gonna get in trouble, amirite fellow parents?

0030443621F.JPG 658×823 pixels.jpg
Arrested: 1/29
Charges: Battery
Sadly, no charges were pressed against the pink highlighter that got in a drunken fight with his hair.

Arrested: 1/29
Charges: Armed Robbery
Who ever thought we'd see the day where there was no difference between armed robbery suspect hair and Pippy Longstocking hair?

0030443493F.JPG 620×776 pixels.jpg
This mugshot is just more fun to look at while listening to this song.

Arrested: 1/26
Charges: Armed Robbery
So many things change in this crazy world of ours, but chonga eyebrows always stay the same.

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