Mugshots Friday: The World Is Mine

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Arrested: 2/19 
Charges: Cannabis Trafficking and 3rd Degree Theft 
This guy looks like the Russian mob henchman in every B-list movie. So clearly he found his calling.
0030446803F.JPG 658×823 pixels.jpg
0030446803F.JPG 658×823 pixels-1.jpg
Arrested: 2/14 
Sometimes you don't know what you're missing until you find it, and clearly Mugshots Friday has long been missing a Scarface-style "The World Is Mine" globe tattoo.
0030447053F.JPG 639×799 pixels.jpg
Arrested: 2/16 
Charges: Disorderly Conduct 
Whatever the hell this tattoo is, we probably could have gone without seeing it.

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"Arrested: 2/16

Charges: Cannabis Possession We assume this is what happens when someone with OCD grows a beard. There's not a hair out of line on his entire head."

Looks more like he fell asleep and his friends drew a beard on him with a Sharpie ?


"Arrested: 2/20

Charges: Battery and Resisting an Officer Without Violence I didn't know continually battering your face against asphalt counted as battery, but maybe this came after the resisting-an-officer charge. Who knows?"

That's what a police officer does to someone that resists without violence ?

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