Pizza Hut Employee Arrested for Dressing Like a Cop for Five Months to Impress His Girlfriend

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Christopher Sharp, a 37-year-old resident of Spring Hill, Florida, realized his job at Pizza Hut might not be the most impressive vocation in the eyes of his live-in girlfriend. So instead of landing better employment, Sharp stole a Pasco County Sheriff's deputy uniform and for five months pretended to be employed as a cop to impress his friends, family, and girlfriend.

Sharp stole a deputy shirt from his sister's boyfriend, an actual Pasco deputy, and since August 2012 pulled off the ruse. Before returning from his Pizza Hut job every day, he'd stop and change into the deputy's uniform.

According to Tampa Bay Online, he'd then return home and tell his girlfriend stories about what had happened on his shift. He even attended a New Year's Eve party in full uniform and went around telling stories to people about DUI arrests he had supposedly made earlier in the evening.

Actual cops eventually got wind of the ruse and began to investigate. When they confronted Sharp, he admitted he was just trying to impress his girlfriend.

It doesn't appear he was trying to pull off any real cop-like behavior while in the uniform. However, he was arrested on charges of impersonating an officer.

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This case sounds like a bust. I mean, he didn't really do anything illegal or perform anything as a "fake cop." -- so he gave out advice? So what, we all do that. I see no case here... just dress up.

Luce Williams
Luce Williams

No one should be ashamed of honest employment. If his girl is so shallow as to think his job is demeaning then he shouldn't have wasted his time or effort on her. It wouldn't have lasted anyway.

Jeremy Alvarez
Jeremy Alvarez

maybe he should of just went to the police academy

Ezekiel Angulo
Ezekiel Angulo

How can he impersonate an officer if he didn't actually do any officer duties? That's like buying a police costume for halloween then getting arrested for it. The man makes pan-pizza for a living; let him off with a warning.

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