Second Kendall Shootout Suspect Found Hanging in a Tree; Burned Body Found in Grow House

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Police have located the body of a second suspect involved in last night's Kendall shootout. The body of 50-year-old Dell Peter DiGiovanni was found hanging from a tree this afternoon.

According to CBS Miami, the body was found in front of a home at SW 147th Avenue and 48th Terrace. It appears the hanging was an intentional suicide.

Another suspect, Brian Kelly Howell, 29, was apprehended by police last night.

Michael Steven DiGiovanni, 27, a third suspect, is still missing. However, police have now found a body inside the burned-down house where the incident began. The body hasn't been identified yet.

The incident started last night as Miami-Dade police attempted to raid a suspected grow house. At least one of the suspects began shooting a high-powered assault rifle at an officer, but no officers were injured. One of the men then set the home on fire.

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It's just an ending. It's not uncommon for sociopaths to kill themselves, or commit suicide by cop in order to have the final say of how they go down. A desire for control up till the gruesome end. I don't lose sleep over such incidents.


The perfect ending for this perp. Obviously he didn't want to return to be Ben Dover's bitch back in the jail.


Sounds like a good ending for a bad incident to me.

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