The Best "Donna Shalala is a Total Bad Ass" Tweets

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University of Miami's diminutive president Donna Shalala has surprisingly emerged as the biggest bad ass in the world of sports by telling NCAA prez Mark Emmert where to stick it last night. Or as Bruce Feldman put it, "I have never seen a school President go after the NCAA like Donna Shalala has this week ... ever." She's not just the hero of all UM fans, but of everyone who wishes death upon the NCAA.

Twitter, of course, has now turned Shalala into a mic dropping mercenary badass.

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Go Donna! The NCAA is a disgrace. Continuing to investigate the U, with illegally obtained information is, illegal!!! It seems the real victims of most of their investigations are the student athletes. To damage the careers of these athletes is deplorable. Just ask the football players at Penn State. They weren't in school when the horrific events took place.

If more University Presidents would speak up, maybe their collective voices will be heard.

So.twitter,post on Facebook be heard. Support the University of Miami and its President

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