Three Shot, One Killed At Miami Gardens Super Bowl Party

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The scene of yesterday's shooting, a small house just across a canal from Sun Life Stadium.
The row of ranch houses sits along a canal in Miami Gardens, dwarfed by the structure just across the water: Sun Life Stadium, home to scores of Super Bowls. As neighbors gathered last night to watch this year's big game in New Orleans, tragedy struck the block.

A gunman blasted more than 50 rounds at the watch party, killing a father of two and wounding his dad and brother. Police are still searching for a suspect this morning.

The shooting happened at house near 23rd Court and SW 204th Street, NBC6 reports, a short block separated from Sun Life's mammoth parking lots by a drainage canal. 

Among those gathered to watch the Ravens and 49ers was 25-year-old Brandon Bryant, who has two young sons, and his father and brother, whom police haven't identified yet. 

Right around kickoff, at 6 p.m., someone sprayed the party with bullets. 

"It looks at this point like a drive by shooting," Miami Gardens Police Chief Ralph Suarez tells NBC6. "It looks like they were intended targets."

Bryant died at the scene; one of the other victims was in critical condition as of this morning, the station reports, while the other is stable.

Riptide left a message with a Miami Gardens spokesman seeking any news on the case this morning; we'll update this post when we hear back.

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May God grant comfort to Brandon Bryant's family, speedy recovery to the wounded, and speedy capture to the killers.   

Street Art
Street Art

Has nothing to do with Miami and everything to do with animals who should be locked away and executed. Every community has these monsters .

Yumila Zayas
Yumila Zayas

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Courtney KickPush Mitchell
Courtney KickPush Mitchell

Because the gangsters rappers as you call them Andrew, got shit on and poppin'! White folk don't do shit but jog, eat gluten free, and buy useless shit! lmao

Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan

yet you guys continue to glamorize the gangster rapper lifestyle, publishing endless articles about worthless trash that fuels this subhuman culture


@Yumila Zayas Best way to avoid these problems is people not come to this country, especially illegally.  The USA is a country that no longer needs immigration.  I advise my friends in Latin America that the United States has a high crime rate, low and deteriorating moral standards,  sluggish economic growth (way lower than Chile, Peru, or Brazil), a hostile population,  a residual of genuine racism, and corrupt government; generally most of the countries in South America offer better than we do.  Don't come here!  It isn't worth it!

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