World Outgames, the "Gay Olympics," Will Be Held in Miami Beach in 2017

Miami may never host the Olympics, and our hopes of future Super Bowls are in doubt, but don't worry, we're still a major destination for international sporting competitions. In fact, Miami Beach just beat out Reykjavík, Iceland, to host the World Outgames in 2017.

The Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association collected bids from locations through out the world, including Los Angeles, Manchester and Tonga, but ultimately paired it down to two before opening it up to voting. Maybe it's not much of a surprise that more members favored Miami Beach over Iceland.

The Outgames are an amateur competition opened to anyone regardless of sexual orientation that split off from the Gay Games in 2006. The games have been hosted in Montreal, Copenhagen, and later this year in Antwerp. Miami Beach will be the first American host.

While Miami Beach will be the headlining city, events will be held through out Miami-Dade. Lummus Park, Flamingo Park, Tamiami Park, the University of Miami, the Ransom Everglades School Aquatic Center and Miami Beach Convention Center were presented as venues in the bid.

The bid, in the works since 2009, was backed by a number of local leaders, including former County Mayor Carlos Alvarez and University of Miami president Donna Shalala.

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Thanks for the article, but we have to correct some facts in it!

The original five bidding cities were Denver, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Reykjavik and Miami Beach. The last two made it through to the final selection stage. At no stage did Los Angeles, Manchester or Tonga ever get involved in bidding.

Wayne Carroll
Wayne Carroll

Totally Agree with Brian Mello. How is Equality recognised when they want Seperatism. Have your cake and eat it!

Rod Deal
Rod Deal

Seperate but equal I believe is the politically correct motto.

Bryan Mello
Bryan Mello

gay olympics? wasn't the whole "gay rights" thing all about equality and blah blah blah..... why have a separate olympics???

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