82-Year-Old Woman Dragged Off Metrorail for Singing Gospel

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Just weeks after two Metrorial security guards were caught on video roughing up photography-rights activist Carlos Miller, another Metrorail security guard has been recorded yanking an elderly woman off the train for singing gospel music.

Emma Anderson, age 82, had broken into some impromptu gospel singing when a guard decided to remove her from the train at the Brownsville station. The guard grabbed the bag the woman was holding, and Anderson ended up falling onto the platform.

Video of the incident can been seen in this WSVN report:

In the video, the guard enters the train and tells Anderson: "You're getting off here. Let's go." He then grabs her bag, but Anderson doesn't let go. She falls and, according to WSVN, ends up bruising her shoulder. Other passengers can be heard yelling, "Oh, hell no."  

The incident happened February 20.

It's not the first time 50 State Security, the firm contracted by the county to provide security on the Metrorail, has found itself in controversy this year. In January, guards seriously roughed up Carlos Miller after he refused to stop taking pictures from a Metrorail platform. According to the Huffington Post, Miami-Dade Transit released the following statement:
The elderly passenger, Ms. Anderson, who was escorted from a Metrorail train, was initially asked by a security guard to refrain from singing loudly and playing an instrument while on the train.

She refused to comply. County rules associated with transit use prohibit anyone from singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument unless a commercial permit is issued by MDT. Further, Ms. Anderson's singing was causing a disturbance to other passengers and impeding important train announcements from being heard.

We regret that Ms. Anderson had to eventually be escorted out, but regardless of age, all passengers need to abide by the rules associated with using transit.
Anderson's family is looking into its legal options.

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Well, well. I have watched Zeitgeist, the movie (20 X), Religiulous funny stuff by Bill Maher (28 X), and finally,  the All-time-best! in my humble opinion, "The God who was not there"  (lost count!!!) so that by now, I am cured from guilt induction articles about anything religious. Very controversial statement, for I side with Mr. Campbell as far as the physical event. With me as Ms. Anderson's son?, that guard would have to move to Mars to evade my wrath. However, dear ladies and gentlemen, I do ride the train. I have met at times with Ms. Anderson, and simply BECAUSE, I move away to evade the distraction, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT..!  I do not drive a plush extra quiet Escalade, nor ever be able to afford a taxi, Those lucky to use a car will never relate to riding the trains and buses in the Magic City, those folks do not have to put up with the annoying distraction of people singing anything out loud in a close Metrorail environment. I don't know why I even bother with this.  in honor of those who bring up the first amendment, great, I endorse it too. However out in the open, when Ms. Anderson sings while she walks,  I may choose to move away. But in a close Public Conveyance Vehicle, you cannot escape. Therefore Ms. Anderson must adhere to the tenets of democracy, and understand and accept that the majority of riders may not want to hear her singing, and so she must simply, SHUT UP1 THAT CONCLUSION GOES ALONG WELL WITH THE WELL KNOWN CLICHE/AXIOM: THE ART OF DOING THE RIGHT THING. OR IN BEAUTIFUL SPANISH: EL ARTE DEL BUEN PROCEDER..!!  and no one may challenge flawless logic. with religion and without it. No need to go to church, simply do the right thing, be aware of it, and be truly free.

drakemallard topcommenter

Just to be clear I didn't like at all how this security officer handled the situation! But I have also encounter seniors who reach the age where they develop an attitude that they are going to do what they want and tell-it-like -it-is regardless! It can be very hard to deal with them



It's not hard at all in this situation.  You let them alone, and give them some leeway because their old and possibly senile.  You don't risk a physical confrontation with someone of her age over something so trivial. 

That said, prohibiting singing in a public space (like on public train) is a first amendment issue.  What she was doing was protected speech.  There is so much wrong with this situation.  I hope the family has a good lawyer.

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