Eight People Whose Miami Dolphins Tattoos Are Now Outdated

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You love your team so much that you get its logo permanently tattooed on your skin. Then the team does the unthinkable: changes that logo. Sure, that automatically establishes you as an old-school fan of sorts, but it's gotta suck when you have something inked on your body that the team abandoned.

Meet the Miami Dolfans we can't help but feel sort of sorry for now that the team has adopted a new logo.

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via Only in Dade
8. This guy, who not only has an outdated logo tattoo but also has to worry about his skyline tattoo becoming outdated every time a new high-rise goes up.

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7. This dad, who probably dreamed his son would one day get a matching tattoo, but Junior will probably opt for the new logo.

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What a desperate attempt at creating a topic for an article. This is doodoo journalism.


They're not "outdated."  They're "vintage."  Nothing wrong with that...

Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

Stick with the classic. Like UM's Sebastian with the pipe.

Jessica Julia Barrera
Jessica Julia Barrera

What that signifies is loyalty from the beginning.. time will always bring change, that includes team logos.

Alex Fumero
Alex Fumero

No, they're "throwback" which just makes them more gangster.

Larry Herrero
Larry Herrero

Not as much as when they had the tat put on. LOL

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