Chris Bosh's Birthday Party Will Feature a Live-Tweeting Camel

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Henri (HenriTheCamel) on Twitter-1.jpg
Chris Bosh has an NBA championship, two kids, a beautiful wife, and pretty much more than most men could ever ask for. So what else could he possibly want? A live-tweeting camel to appear at his birthday party.

Bosh turned 29 last Sunday but will officially celebrate next Wednesday at a star-studded bash in Miami's Omni neighborhood. Rémy Martin V is sponsoring the party, and the theme is "Moroccan style."

Aside from Bosh himself, the star of the party is expected to be Henri the Camel. From the media invite we received:
A live camel named Henri (pronounced On' REE) will be greeting guests and tweeting / and posting on instagram exclusive photos throughout the party. His twitter name is @HenriTheCamel/ instagram name is HenriTheCamel.
Wait, what? A camel doesn't even have fingers, let alone opposable thumbs. How's he supposed to tweet? As of now, he hasn't figured it out:

Henri (HenriTheCamel) on Twitter.jpg
Henri is only following five people, including both Bosh and his wife.

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Chandler Jackson
Chandler Jackson

lol Chris Bosh is such a dork. Good for him tho. Hope the party turns out great.

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