Dale Picardat, Arrested for Looking Poor in Miami Beach, Settles With City for $70,000

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Dale Picardat Jr.
For a city that routinely gets swindled by its bribe-taking employees, Miami Beach sure fights tooth and nail over its lawsuits.

On Tuesday, city attorneys successfully appealed a $700,000 jury award to a firefighter who had claimed she was sexually harassed by male co-workers. Now city officials have successfully shaved more than $30,000 off of the amount it owes Dale Picardat Jr. for falsely arresting him for looking poor and out-of-place in Normandy Shores.

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Picardat was awarded more than $100,000 by a jury last month. But city attorneys vowed to appeal the decision.

The two sides met yesterday for mediation and agreed on a $70,000 settlement.

In an email to New Times, Picardat said that he agreed to take less compensation because he wanted to avoid yet another trial and the associated court costs.

Picardat's case has already had results, however, dramatically reducing Miami Beach police's use of flimsy loitering/prowling charges to remove undesirables from ritzy neighborhoods.

"If cops do something wrong, you have to stand up to them," Picardat told New Times. "The Constitution doesn't benefit you in any form if you don't use it."

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This is a PERFECT example of how the city will do everything to avoid admitting that they are wrong. The silly city gives away millions in uncollected fees and fines but will fight tooth and nail to screw the little guy who did nothing wrong.

Hey 4th Floor, "MAN UP" and admit you were wrong, apologize for your stupidity and pay the man the full amount due. The community will think more highly of you for being honest about yourself.


@k3pgx A perfect example,and who is next?  A person that is arrested for false arrest and gets this far cannot collet attorney fees and has to foot the bill or be lucky enough to have a pro bono attorney.  At $250-$500/ hour for an attorney for three years and survive the deep pockes of the City is impossible; the City of Miami Beech  knows  that. A little tidbit, Mattie Bower, the Mayor, was asked to attend the mediation as an ellected official and she did not show. 

Dale L. Picardat, Jr.


Put a black man in that photo. Same outcome? Think on it.


@njaa What a good question? The 15 years I lived on North Shore Dr., there was never a Black Home Owner and many of us remember the recent  Memorial Day you-tube.

Dale L. Picardat, Jr.

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