FIU Might Redesign Their Basketball Court to Look Like a Cheesy Beach Towel

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What does your basketball program do to grab attention when its sharing a city with the NBA champs and another college basketball team that has become the surprise story of the season? Oh, you know, just float out some crazy basketball court redesigns.

NCAA rules don't explicitly say anything about court design, and schools like Boise State and Oregon State have started to get creative. Apparently FIU is going to take the idea of crazy court designs to its ultimate conclusion.

FIU basketball coach Richard Pitino tweeted out the following potential designs today.

We should note that FIU's arena, US Century Bank Arena, is about an 18.8 mile trip by road to the sands of South Beach. Pitino noted he was a "huge fan" of this design.

This one features the skyline of downtown Miami. Pitino was merely "intrigued" by this one.

These things look more like beach towels or postcards than, you know, basketball courts.

We'd say something about how potentially headache-inducing it would be to watch basketball played on this court on television, but then we remembered no one watches FIU basketball on television.

As a side note, a couple years back Jake Donahue designed some crazy Boise State-like courts for other teams. He didn't do one for FIU, but did draw up this University of Miami idea. His idea of putting palm fronds on a basketball court in Miami may actually come to pass, albeit slightly less elegantly.

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Should be Everglades grass, you know, their actual natural environment...

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