Florida Keys Woman Bites Spring Breaker's Face for Littering

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Sure, no one wants to visit one of Florida's beaches to find it littered with trash, but lately we think tourists might be more wary of getting their face bitten off than encountering garbage.

So while we're glad 20-year-old Keys resident Cassi Lyn Stanton was trying to keep her beach clean, we wish she would have found a better way to get her message across.

The incident happened March 5, according to KeysNet, when police were called regarding a brawl. Madison Pelfrey, a 21-year-old, had traveled from Stamford, Florida, and apparently wasn't disposing of her trash properly. So Stanton, a resident of Stock Island, confronted her and began yelling at her.

The argument escalated and quickly became physical. Stanton then bit Pelfrey's right cheek before the fight was broken up.

Thankfully, Pelfrey's face remained completely intact.

Stanton, meanwhile, was arrested on misdemeanor battery charges but was released.

Granted, the chances of getting your face eaten off in Florida are significantly lower than media coverage would have you believe, but it seems you can lower those chances further by not littering.

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SethPlatt topcommenter

Good, was the nitwit spring breaker charged for fighting of littering?


The spring breakers ARE really trashing our beaches. It's quite sad and angering at the same time, shame she didn't break the skin...

John Hamm
John Hamm

yeah, she bit me somewhere else last spring break, but I decided to not report it.

Lou Ce Fur
Lou Ce Fur

she can bite my cock anytime she wants

Travis Cole
Travis Cole

I once met a girl the day she got $5000 for a dog bite on her face.


Wanna bet it was the guys dick that she bit? Women have been know to give racing stripes & take a chunk outa guy's salami in their enthusiasm.


@Lou Ce Fur Your cock?? Ha ha ha, yours is a fucking teeny weenie.

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