Florida's Unemployment Rate Below National Average for First Time in Five Years

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Florida's economy slowly trudges on to something resembling recovery as numbers released today show that the state's unemployment rate is now below the national average for the first time in more than five years.

Florida's unemployment rate was 7.8 percent for January. The national average stood at 7.9 percent. A tiny difference, but that's a significant rate improvement for Florida.

It's also the lowest rate for Florida since November 2008 when the rate also stood at 7.8 percent.

The number is also down .1 percent since December.

Though, all in all about 740,000 Floridians are still without a job.

"Everything we do is geared toward job creation," said Gov. Rick Scott in a statement. "Today we have more proof that IT'S WORKING. ... We have added more than 280,000 private-sector jobs over the last two years, and as we continue to focus on greater economic growth, we will see even more jobs created."

Florida has now seen positive job growth for 18 of the past 19 months.

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Alex Gimenez
Alex Gimenez

unemployment rate is a sham. after two years without a job you're no longer counted.

Su Lin MacLafferty
Su Lin MacLafferty

Is it REALLY??? Did they forget the people who dropped out of the workforce who are actually able and capable to work???

Maria Almodovar
Maria Almodovar

this might be because once your unemployment or reemployment or whatever they want to call it now a days will not let you even continue to file after benefits run out. I would be interested in knowing if they are taking this percentage from people receiving benefits versus people that are not entitled to benefits or the benefits have run out. Stop trying to make yourself look good, politics & politicians promise the world, get elected then all of a sudden no benefits left, and lets cut benefits further, so the numbers look good.

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