Floridians Have Surprisingly Boring Taste in Porn

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Florida may have a reputation for being the weirdest state in the nation, but apparently our collective taste in porn is pretty damn boring.

Porn search engine PornMD.com collected its most-used search terms over the past six months and broke them down geographically by American states and international countries. As it turns out, Floridians, or at least the Floridians who use the site, aren't all that kinky.

Here are the top ten search results for Florida:

Pretty standard stuff here. Though Floridians compared to the rest of the country appear to prefer teens slightly over MILFs, ebony over asian, and lesbian sex over anal sex. Oddly, there's nothing odd here. Even the gay category that make's Florida's Top 10 is boring.

Several other states seem to be more kinky. In Alabama, they're into hentai and BBW. Kentucky's top search is "Free Gay Porn." In Alaska, they spend a lot of time looking for Lisa Ann, the MILFy porn star who famously played the state's former Gov. Sarah Palin in several porn parodies. Wyoming and Kansas are into squirting.

But if you really want to get kinky, you have to go South America.

As Gawker notes, the site is in English, so the foreign audience might be a bit skewed, but whatever audience PornMD is attracting down there knows what it likes.

In Venezuela, eight of the Top 10 searches are in gay categories and include "gordos," "automamada," "viejos" and "abuelos." Basically they're into chubby self-sucking grandpas. Chile's search habits are similar but also include "homeless (gay)," at number four. Peru has Justin Bieber fourth. Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, meanwhile, appear to just like searching for their fellow countrymen and women getting it on.

The full site is here, and it is visually safe for work.

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Floridians are a bunch of old, black cocksuckers that are either too lazy or old to do much of anything except get in trouble.

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