Former Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Charles Hurley Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Suit

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Charles Hurley keeps dropping. The former chief of the Miami-Dade Schools Police was suspended from the position back in May after reports he had sexually harassed female officers. He was officially demoted in January, and now its come to light that a few days later, he turned in his resignation letter.

NBC Miami reports he put in his resignation on February 8th, just a little over a week after his demotion.

"I have a lot to say about it, but I'm not making any comment," Hurley told the station. "I won't be making any comments."

Hurley is currently facing a lawsuit brought on by two former female officers. Among other things, Hurley is alleged to have whipped out his penis and forcibly kissed one of the women. The women said they were victims of retaliation when they tried to speak up.

The school board has since begun its search for a new chief.

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This is a guy who was convicted of perjury in 1992. The Miami Dade School Police did a back gorund check and submitted a false affidavit of compliance to FLDE under the caommand of Claudia Milton. In Florida, you can not be convicted of making false statements after 1989. He was convicted with time served giving false information. Despite that conviction. School Board Police Administrators hired him and sent hiim to the academy despite FDLE Standards. They submitted false affidavits of compliance to FDLE that he qualified to be certified. the only thing for sure that he is qualified for is that he is a qualifed Phsyco sociopath that Superintendent Carvhol hired, because, when you hire a subject with a checkered past, he is more easily controlled. This Moron admitted to an entire police force he was sexually molested as a child. It is well established in the anals of psychology that a sexually abused person will eventually sexually abuse others! he did this to sevral outstanding officers. Hey pervert I'm waiting for you to show up at my door so I can Blast you away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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